Free Parrot

  • No HTTPS
  • Parrots are public
  • Maximum of 10 messages per parrot
  • Messages last for 5 minutes at most

Pro Parrot

per parrot
per month
  • HTTPS supported (and encouraged!)
  • Your parrots can only be seen by you
  • No limit to number of messages per parrot 12
  • Messages last until you delete them
1 The price for each parrot includes a maximum of 10 messages stored in that parrot.
Each set of 10 additional messages is charged at €1.49 per month.
2 You are charged every month for each parrot you own and the amount of messages stored.
The amount of parrots you own in a certain month is measured as the maximum number of parrots that you have had in your account in that month.
The amount of messages that each parrot has stored is measured as the maximum number of messages that the parrot has had in that month.