Callback Parrot

Test your application’s remote service integrations, the Parrot way!

Callback Parrot is a tool that allows you to test your integration with remote services that notify (or callback) your application. Such notifications are often used to convey the status of an operation that your application triggered at an earlier point in time.

So, now you’re asking: what can I use this with? Well, here are some ideas:

  • Payment gateways often work by sending payment notifications to your application;
  • SMS gateways can offer the option to send notifications to your application, reporting the success or failure of an SMS message-sending operation.

These are just some of the possible uses that you can find for Callback Parrot. So what are you waiting for? Check out Louie the Parrot’s instructions below, and start testing your integrations, Parrot-style!

Easy to use

Using Callback Parrot is easy! Just copy your Parrot’s contact link to the remote service that will be invoking your application, and check the messages the Parrot receives!

Public server not required

Before, you would need to have a publicly-available server to test your integration with a remote party, so that it could send callback messages to your application. Now, you can use Callback Parrot to receive those messages and view them!

Works with many services

Callback Parrot is designed to be easy to integrate with any remote party that sends HTTP requests to your application. You can use it with any service that sends such messages!

Need more features?

You like the free Callback Parrot, but you need something more powerful (such as storing messages for a longer period)? Be sure to check out the Pro version, with additional features!

Need to tell us something?

Have a suggestion? Found an error in Callback Parrot? Need help with a certain feature? Any feedback you might have is always welcome!